...Bueller? ....Bueller? Oh, we found him. He was on our float for the Lucky Joe's St. Patrick's Day in downtown Fort Collins, and he was actually Jakob, from the synth punk band, Slow Caves. 

We were expecting a great show from the guys when they agreed to be our float band... but we weren't expecting them to go all-out John Hughes '80s teen flick on us. That is some serious parade dedication.

It was totally #sickhuh? And, I am absolutely regretting not wearing my suede fringe jacket.

Our girl Madi Scruggs was out and about with her camera taking awesome photos while the guys were playing 'Twist and Shout,' dedicating songs to dogs and making us love the band even more than we already did.

Cameron (David)

Rooney (Oliver)

The Sketchy Mechanic... Does he have a name? (Jackson)

And, of course, Ferris Bueller (Jakob)

More photos from Madi here:

Slow Caves will be at Hodi's Half Note for FoCoMX on Friday, April 22.

Slow Caves - Dandelion Girl