If you've ever had one of Silver Grill Cafe's cinnamon rolls, you know this, but now everyone else does, too. We'd be upset if Fort Collins' oldest (and most-charming) restaurant didn't make this list. 

Silver Grill has been an Old Town Fort Collins breakfast staple since, well, Old Town was just 'town.' The diner dates back to 1912, but has been serving breakfast and lunch since 1933 at its current location, 218 Walnut Street.

Travelocity sought out the diners (or cafes, in this case) across the country that 'are not America’s swankiest joints... but they put the comfort in comfort food, with a side of nostalgia, and if you’re on the road in need of home-style cooking and a friendly face, a server’s greeting of “Have a seat, Honey” will take you far.'

That sentiment is what the current manager, Cheryl, told Travelocity is the secret to the cafe's longevity — taking care of customers '100 percent.' Well, that and the aforementioned homemade cinnamon rolls, which they reportedly make 10,000 of each month.

You can see the rest of the list from Travelocity here.

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