Me on my bike: Yes. Me in my car: Hell no

For about two years, I was a regular bike commuter in Fort Collins, and while I usually remembered to share the road well, use my hand signals, etc., I was pretty guilty of giving myself the green light to go through an intersection when there were no cars present.  I got away with it, though many do not. However, a proposed law in Colorado could make this legal.

9NEWS shared the video below, explaining the reasoning for legally allowing cyclists to treat 'stops' as 'yeilds.' Giving cyclists different road laws than vehicles would reduce the number of accidents, like cyclists getting hit from behind while stopped, claims Senator Andy Kerr.


With the number of cyclists in Fort Collins, if this bill passes, we would definitely be affected. I feel like it's a bad idea; as a driver, I already take so much extra caution given the number of bikes we share the road with (who, like me, don't always follow the rules and can be unpredictable). What do you think?

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