There has been some incredible footage caught by people right here in Colorado. 

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Last year, a person named Chris Riske captured a timelapse of a large tornado in Highlands Ranch from his car.

The footage he was able to produce from the event is absolutely spectacular.

There’s also been some absurd video taken of firefighters taking care of the Marshall Fire back in 2022.

However, on the Fourth of July, some hikers captured one of the wildest videos of the year right here in Colorado.

Hikers Capture Near Plane Crash in Colorado

Facebook // Jason Dunn
Facebook // Jason Dunn

Tyler Dunn along with his father Jason were hiking near Devil’s Thumb on Independence Day when they saw something strange.

According to Jason on Facebook, as they were sitting on Continental Divide, a plane entered the valley and quickly lost control.

It was heading towards them, and Jason said it looked like it was about to go into a stall.

That’s when you see something absolutely insane.

The plane takes a sharp left hand turn and dives directly into the ground.

Just as it is about to make contact, the pilot pulls up and looks to be within feet of the ground. They then safely fly away.

Who Was Flying the Plane?

Facebook // Jason Dunn
Facebook // Jason Dunn

We actually do not know who the pilot was who pulled off the incredible recovery.

However, we do know that the plane was a Cessna 152, and according to the Daily Mail, it came from the Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport.

The rented plane then landed at the Granby/Grand County Airport after the event.

Strangely, the news has been full of stories about small plane crashes and near misses.

As the Daily Mail notes, a similar event happened in Maine, where a Cessna 150 stalled and actually crashed. Fortunately, the pilot walked away from the accident with only minor injuries.

On the other hand, a Colorado couple named David and Jeanne Allen died on June 30th after crashing their biplane into a field in Kansas.

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