Shinedown continue to be one of the more giving bands when it comes to their fans, and during a recent stop in Wisconsin, the group granted the wish of one very special fan who was recently diagnosed as being terminally ill with cancer.

According to Loudwire Flint, Michigan affiliate Banana 101.5, 19-year-old Zach Olson was the band's guest at a recent show after his mother Miranda reached out to the Thursday's Child organization that helped arrange for the meeting with his favorite band.

Singer Brent Smith personally gave Zach a backstage tour, explained to him about the production of their show and also introduced him to members of Papa Roach and Asking Alexandria. The family also watched the band's show from close to the stage, with Smith coming over to sing directly to Zach at one point.

"My heart was full, my eyes were full. It was amazing," said Zach's mom Miranda to the local NBC 15 News affiliate. "To see that happen for him, to know that that's all he wanted. I couldn't think of anything better." Watch the full news report below.

Olson was first diagnosed with cancer in 2009, but had seen clean scans in recent years. It was only in January when he returned for his most recent scan that the family learned that the cancer had returned and that it was terminal.

"They made us feel like we were family, like we were part of them and I wish they knew what it meant to us to make this dream come true," said Miranda Olson of the experience provided by the band.

Watch the NBC 15 News Report on Zach Olson's Visit With Shinedown

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