We've got the traffic jam jams here at 94.3 The X to make it a good thing to be stuck on I-25, in a College Avenue gridlock or, of course, waiting for the train. These are my top new music picks for the month, and I don't really advise sticking anything other than these (and the occasional cotton swab) in your ears. 

The Neighbourhood – Cry Baby

They presumably made stores sell out of ‘those little high-waisted shorts’ in 2013 with ‘Sweater Weather.’ Now, The Neighbourhood is back with their next west coast dream-hip hop song (yes, I made up that genre), ‘Cry Baby.’


Miike Snow – Genghis Khan

Probably not the first way I’d think of telling someone I’d like to be exclusive with them, but Mikke Snow makes it work. We haven’t heard much from the Swedish duo since 2011, but they’re returning in 2016 with their signature indie pop sound.

Halsey – Colors

After just one spin of this song, I could already envision the lyrics superimposed onto a Tumblr photo.  ‘Colors’ is yet another one of Halsey’s dark, poetic pairings of pill-popping millennials and a good indie-pop hook.


Lukas Graham — 7 Years

Denmark’s Lukas Graham is new to our station, and is just the kind of Danish we like to enjoy with our coffee. The band’s smooth R&B-alt rock hybrid, ‘7 Years’ is a coming-of-age ballad in just under four minutes of string, keys and music box and it is in English.


Twenty-One Pilots – Ride

Here at The X, we’re calling it first: this is going to be Twenty One Pilots’ next big one. ‘Ride’ differentiates itself from ‘Tear in My Heart’ and ‘Stressed Out’ by flirting with some reggae infusion. However, this is no strung-out Sublime or Marley; the chorus packs an electro-pop punch. It’s officially my February summer anthem (that I wish I could blast in the car with my windows rolled down – but that will have to wait).

Declan McKenna - Brazil

He may only be 17 years old, but his anti-FIFA anthem, 'Brazil,' gives us hope that at least one kid out there is paying less attention to social media, and more attention to social justice. Oh, and it's catchy af.

New Beat Fund - Sikka Takin' the Hard Way

94.3 The X newcomers New Beat Fund are good buddies and former bus mates with our friends in Night Riots, so welcome to the station, boys.

The Strumbellas - Spirits

These six Canadians and their song have been haunting my personal playlist for weeks and there will be no sage burning nor exorcism happening here because I want this 'Spirit' to stick around.

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