It's disheartening to believe, but yet another sexually violent predator has been released into the Northern Colorado community.

Lately it seems like every-other week a sexually violent predator notification comes down from us and law enforcement agencies. There were several that were released in Boulder County over the summer (onto the streets), and just a couple weeks ago there was another one released in Fort Collins. Most recently, a sexually violent predator named Christopher Edward Lawyer was released into the City of Boulder.

Lawyer, 41, was convicted of a sexual offense that requires law enforcement registration and has been determined to present a high potential to re-offend. Therefore, authorities are required to notify the community that he's been released and will live among us.

According to the Boulder County Sheriff's Office's community bulletin, Lawyer's address is 1265 Mallard Court in Boulder and has no vehicles registered at this time. He's currently living on parole supervision.

Lawyer has had multiple female victims, at least one of which was threatened with a gun. For more information about his offense and conviction, go HERE.