Authorities have released information on a sexually violent predator being placed on work release in Boulder County.

Joseph Jay Halliday, 22, is believed to present a "high potential to re-offend." He is being placed on work release and is currently searching for work in Boulder County.

According to the Boulder County Sheriff's Office's community notification bulletin, Halliday was convicted of lewd and lascivious acts with a child under the age of 14, attempted sex assault on a child, and sexual exploitation of a child in the state of California. Other criminal convictions include parole violation and theft.

By Colorado Revised Statutes, law enforcement is authorized to notify the public of a sexually violent predator's release. The community is asked to contact the Boulder County Sheriff's Office for further information by request.

The purpose of releasing such information is to ensure public safety and protection. BCSO says using this information to harass or pose threats against Halliday, any other offender, or offenders' families is not tolerated by law enforcement.

The Colorado Department of Public Safety created the following educational video on sexually violent predators.