Fort Collins police announced a sexually violent predator has moved to north Fort Collins.

According to the Coloradoan, Andrew Michael Kaywood, 42, moved into a residence in the 1700 block of Aspen Street near Willox Lane and College Avenue. Kaywood was convicted of sexual assault-overcoming a victim's will in 2007 and was sentenced to prison; he also has drug, assault, DUI, and felony menacing convictions.

Kaywood is one of 7 sex offenders classified as a "sexually violent predator" living in the City of Fort Collins.

Local law enforcement is required to notify the public when a "sexually violent predator" will be living in the community; this would include someone convicted of sexual assault who displays "mental abnormality," denial, or a continued interest in sexual deviance through various screenings, the Coloradoan says.

Fort Collins Police Services cannot legally choose where a sex offender will live once they're released from prison, and unless there are certain restrictions made by the court, they are free to live wherever they choose. Additional information about Andrew Michael Kaywood's living arrangements can be found at through May 20.