Sure, Severance is widely known for Bruce's Bar- the Rocky Mountain Oysters place. But G5 will be a part of a crazy TV show. Beat that.

The TV show 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' is entering its 14th season. Episode 2 is the one to be watching if you want to see Severance's G5 Brew Pub as a part of it.

In the episode, Mac is wearing a G5 Brew Pub baseball shirt. Mac is always wearing the best shirts, right?  I contacted G5 and got the low-down on why Mac was wearing it, from the woman in charge of their social media:

My sister, Traci Asher, does wardrobe for Its always Sunny and she brought up getting a G5 shirt to see if Rob [Mcelhenney] would wear it. He didn’t pick it for the first episode, but ended up choosing it for the second as well as saying that he was happy he could keep it to wear after. He signed the second one we had sent which we will be framing/hanging in the pub.

How neat is that?

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