I'll never forget the first time I tried the Saint Patty's Day Parade in Fort Collins.  It was rainy and cold, and we thought it would be a great idea to bring our three girls, the oldest of whom were three, and our new, out-of-control husky/shepherd/or whatever dog.  Tears and stress are a part of young parenthood.  Anyway...

Ever since Collective Soul played Taste of Fort Collins a few years ago, I have been amazed by this huge event that the city puts on and lets you in for free if you simply have a debit card from 1st National Bank!  American Authors put on a stellar performance that year, too.  Then, there was last year when Smashmouth freaked out because fans were throwing bread.  I wasn't at that one, but the night before, Atlas Genius thought the bread thing was hilarious and played along.

I did Tour de Fat once, and I might again when my little girls are older.  Lots of fun.  Lots of drunk people on bikes.

New West Fest is something I usually sort of pass through, because I never show up early enough to get where you can even see the big headliner playing.  That said, I honestly have an amazing time there, and that is thanks partly to the mobile version of the Rio being on site.  Also, I get ga-ga over the carnival, which is a whole separate blog.

Thanks to the website "Visit Fort Collins" for this:


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