I get it. We're all a little scarred from seeing situations hit a steady decline after the first loss in a strong season start. But, the CSU men's basketball team is not the one to ever count out after just one loss.

And they proved that on Wednesday night against Utah State.

The Panic Following CSU's Loss to San Diego State

Just like everyone else, trust me, I would have loved to see the Rams go undefeated through the entirety of the season. But when it comes to sports, anything can happen. And losses, unfortunately, can happen often.

After a week of preparing for a matchup against Boise State, the Rams had to do a quick shift in mindset when that game was postponed due to COVID issues within the Broncos' program.

So, with a convenient postponing of SDSU's opponent for that weekend, the Mountain West decided to keep both the Rams and the Aztecs busy with an alternative conference game for the weekend.

At the start of the season, when the Rams were picked to finish first in the conference, the Aztecs were a close pick for a second-place finish - just six votes behind Colorado State.

SDSU will always be a force to be reckoned with, and this year they're fighting to protect their conference championship from last year.

Going into last weekend, it was expected that the game could really go either way. But, I think I speak for more than just myself when I say no one really expected a 30-point blowout - the Rams included.

Now, even though Ram Nation sometimes has a tendency to shift the tides when we go from 11 straight wins to a loss, I can say with full confidence - which is a rarity when talking about anything sports - that it shouldn't be a source of worry at all.

This is a team that, time and time again, has gone to battle for themselves, for each other, have dug themselves out of deficits no one expected, and they've done it all with a level head looking ahead at the next opponent.

The Proof

Now, I can believe that all I want. We can believe that all we want. But, as is with everything, actions speak louder than words.

And so the focus turned to Wednesday night's game against Utah State.

Though the Aggies lost Neemias Queta to the NBA draft, and senior guard Brock Miller was out for the game, a Utah State vs. Colorado State match-up is always highly anticipated.

And the Rams didn't disappoint.

While the game truly came down to the wire - we're talking the difference made in seconds and free throws - the Rams performed the way we've seen them thus far this season.

Sinking all 14 of their final free throws of the game, CSU showed out in a, once again, loud and engaging Moby Arena.

I truly believe we are watching history being made by a team that knows when and how to appreciate the wins and successes, while also finding a way to appreciate the losses and learning from them.

And it's only going to get better.

And San Diego State better be ready come Feb. 4.

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