One thing about retriever dogs:  They live up to their names, if allowed.  One of the dogs I adopted from the shelter is a smaller black lab (and probably something else, too.)  One of her lovable traits is that she is so... so... dumb.  She turns around and smacks her snout into a doorway, she goes into the other dog's crate even though hers is right next to it, and the other dog is already in the first crate.  And sometimes when she poops, she turns around and looks at it, like "How did that get there?!"

"Rosie" - Geoff Gundy
"Rosie" - Geoff Gundy

But she makes up for it with the extreme amount of love she shows us every day, and how she chases that freaking tennis ball!  That clumsiness disappears whenever you whip a ball across a field.  She will run full speed however long, and however many times you want to ask her too, and brings that thing right back to you (then drops the slobbery thing on your shoe.)  She'll even be charging full-speed toward a fence, but she never hits the fence!  So, I guess 'dumb' isn't the best word to describe Rosie (her name from her previous owners.)

So, it's probably no surprise that this is happening in Denver, but wow, what a cool way to gang up with your pet and serve those around you:

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