There are all kinds of conspiracy theories regarding secret tunnels that are pretty well-known. Some of these include places like Area 51, Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado Springs, and Denver International Airport.

However, a lesser-known urban legend exists about Colorado's State Capitol building in Denver which involves politicians sneaking prostitutes through tunnels beneath the building or hiding from gunslingers wild west-style.

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Whether or not these stories are true, we do know one thing to be factual about them and that is that there are, in fact, numerous tunnels beneath Colorado's State Capitol building.

The Tunnels Beneath Colorado's State Capitol Building

If you've ever visited Colorado's State Capitol Building, you may or may not have noticed a door marked "No Admittance." Well, behind this door is a stairway that leads down into the basement of the building which is where the tunnels are.

Down there are several notable things such as an old vault that once housed Colorado's state treasury but is now used as merely a storage space. Another area that is locked up is used to store old marble that was mined in Beulah, Colorado over 100 years ago that is leftover from the construction of the building.

Why Are There Tunnels Under Colorado's State Capitol Building?

While many claim that the tall tales of the tunnels being used for prostitution and gunfights are made up, it is widely accepted that the tunnels were once used to transport coal from nearby buildings in order to heat the capitol building.

In addition, the tunnels contain conduits for water, electricity, heat, and sewage. There are other interesting facts about the tunnels that include stories of cats walking around in wet cement down there, as well as a spot that was once used as an open sewage stream which has since been replaced by a less stinky, more modern plumbing system.

Take a virtual tour of the storied tunnels beneath Colorado's State Capitol building:

See Secret Tunnels + Vault under the Colorado State Capitol

Legends of politicians sneaking prostitutes and hiding from gunslingers in tunnels under the state capitol probably aren’t true, but the tunnels do exist:

Underground Shops + Secret Tunnels in Some Old Colorado Buildings

Many Colorado businesses have secret tunnels that date back to the 1800s, some of which were used to move liquor during prohibition.

Colorado Pioneer’s Former Land is Abandoned + Has Hidden Tunnels

WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

One of Colorado’s most prolific founding fathers, General William Palmer, once owned land that is now abandoned and has hidden tunnels.

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