This post was updated on 7/10/2017 with help from the Colorado State Land Board.

Fort Collins has a lot of beautiful hiking trails. Seaman's Reservoir (please don't laugh, we are all adults here) is about 15 minutes North of Fort Collins and is a great place to set up camp for an afternoon.


From Fort Collins, take College (Highway 287) North and follow it around as it leaves town and starts to town East. When 287 and Highway 14 split, take Highway 14 (also called Poudre Canyon Highway) East. Take a right and park at Gateway Park.


According to the Colorado State Land Board in an email, they mention that the area is open for big game hunting and fishing.  They also mention that "the public may boat on the reservoir as long as they are fishing and do not get in the water (swim). There is  sign leading to the reservoir that clearly describes the allowed uses [see below]. In order to access the trail to the reservoir, you have to go through Gateway Park, which is a fee area." (Thank you to Abraham Medina, Recreation Program Manager for the Colorado State Land Board, for this information.)

Courtesy of the Colorado State Land Board
Courtesy of the Colorado State Land Board

**Do not ever cliff dive in Seaman's Reservoir.  No swimming of any kind is allowed in the reservoir and cliff diving can be extremely dangerous.  Any illegal use of the reservoir will mean that individuals will get ticketed.**

And that's it. Grab some friends and have yourself and sweet day off.

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