I'll never forget, as a then-aspiring snowboarder, watching neighbors snowboard off a second-story roof in March of 2003.  What started as heavy rain at the Holiday Twin Drive-In the night before had turned into a blizzard that made it hard to see, before the movie was even over.  I remember being impressed that almost everyone stuck around until the end of the flick.  (Dang, I wish I could remember which movie that was.  Must not have been that great.)

Then, came the collapsed roof at Old Navy and a couple other places.  That was only after we stayed in for several days, because it was nearly impossible to get anywhere!

People in the mountain resort towns must get a chuckle when we talk about that, because they surely brace (and hope) for this every year!  Well, they got it, and I am loving the powder so far in 2017.

Here's what life is like for some roofers in Breckenridge after the roof on their business gave way to snow and ice:


Let us not forget that living in Colorado, especially in the mountains, is not for the faint of heart!  Be safe and have fun this winter, because I know I am!!

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