Metalheads are an extremely animal-friendly community. It might surprise the "normies" to learn just how many fans and artists are vegans, members of PETA, and have adopted "fur babies" (and "scale babies") of their own. The collective love for animals within the rock realm runs deep.

You’ve probably seen the iconic photos of Glenn Danzig cuddling a catChuck Schuldiner wearing a shirt with kittens on it, and King Diamond holding up a pug, but you might not be aware that there is also a wealth of rockers who don't only love animals, they're involved in rescuing them, dedicating their time and money to rescue organizations.

For those interested in becoming more hands-on when it comes to animal welfare, this list has plenty of organizations that you can join as well as simple tips such as adopting instead of shopping for a household pet.

10 Rockers Who Rescue Animals

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