“That was a hot mess inside a dumpster fire inside a train wreck,” CNN anchor Jake Tapper said minutes after the first 2020 Presidential Debate ended. The first of three debates between Donald Trump and Joe Biden was chaotic and unhinged, with constant interrupting and personal attacks overshadowing any hint of substantive discussion.

The most newsworthy moments from the September debate included Trump telling a neo-fascist group to “stand down and stand by” after being asked to denounce white supremacy, Biden telling Trump to "shut up" and that he’s “the worst president America has ever had,” and a slew of interruptions and false claims mostly coming from Trump’s side of the stage.

Declaring either candidate the “winner” of the first debate seems pointless, but shortly after its conclusion, musicians and music industry leaders across the worlds of rock and metal took to social media to offer their reactions.

The Vice Presidential debate between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris will take place Oct. 7, while the final two debates between Trump and Biden will be held Oct. 15 and Oct. 22.

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