If you're really not on board with Trump this election season, the good news is that 53 bands in Denver are with you on that, and they're creating a two-disc compilation CD called Rock Against Trump. Oh, punks.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

According to For the Love of Punk, the bands are holding a benefit show this Sunday, November 6 at the Seventh Circle Music Collective in Denver, at which the aforementioned compilation CD will be released. I can't say I'm familiar with any of the artists who are participating; all a part of Denver's DIY hardcore punk scene (#ANARCHY!!).

The CDs will feature songs such as: 'The Government Pisses Me Off' by Youthful Nothings, 'The Year the Big-Mouthed A$$h**e Almost Won' by Steve Goodie, and 'Don't Vote for Donald Trump,' as performed by Rotten Reputation.

All sure to go over well during a long car ride with your grandma.

'This group effort will act as a fundraiser for numerous organizations, all of which stand against Donald Trump’s messages of racism, misogyny and xenophobia...100% of proceeds from the sale of CDs at the event will go toward Amnesty International.

Source: For the Love of Punk

The benefit show starts at 11 a.m., and will feature 14 live bands. Want more info? Check out the Rock Against Trump Facebook event.