After months, or years technically, of our beloved Denver Broncos going without an owner, it sounds like the winner has emerged and a new football era is set to begin in Denver, Colorado.

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Meet The New Owner Of The Denver Broncos

After being completely spoiled by having former broncos Owner, Pat Bowlen, since 1984, the team has fallen on "hard times" since shortly after he stepped away from the day-to-day operations in 2014 due to his ongoing battle with Alzheimer's Disease. The last time this team was even remotely competitive, we won Super Bowl 50 which is the absolute top of the mountain. Since then, we've not even sniffed the playoffs. We're on our third Head Coach and what feels like our 15th starting quarterback. The stability of a solid owner is so important, and that's apparent with the Bronco's recent struggles. Good news though, Broncos fans. It sounds like we have our guy, and he's got some deep pockets to get us the tools we need!

Robert Walton Win's Bid For Denver Broncos For $4.5 Billion

Even though Pat passed away in 2019, the search for a new owner only really got going earlier this year and we've heard some extremely interesting names. From John Elway to Peyton Manning, Jay-Z to Kanye West, and more. It's been quite the roller coaster for the team and its fans. Multiple sources, including Forbes, are reporting that Robert Walton, an heir to the Walmart fortune, is set to win the bid to purchase the Denver Broncos for a record-setting $4.5 Billion. That's the highest amount a team has ever been sold for.

Sam Walton, who started Walmart (and Sam's Club) with his brother, is Rob's dad so he has the deep pockets to not only buy the team but build a brand new state-of-the-art stadium for the team which was one of the factors for all potential new owners. Is it silly to even be talking about a new stadium when our current $400 Million Stadium is only 20 years old? Yes, absolutely. But when you're worth close to $60 Billion, a new $2-4 Billion facility could be pocket change. My vote would be to just do a massive overhaul on the current stadium but we shall see.

Stan Kroenke, who owns the LA Rams (as well as the Nuggets, Avalanche, Mammoth, and Rapids), is Rob's cousin by marriage and one would imagine there will be a little friendly family competition as far as who will have the better team, facility etc. Stan's Rams just won the Super Bowl last year so Rob's got some catching up to do.

Bottom line, this feels like a great thing for Broncos Country as Rob has the ability to give this team everything they could ever want and need to bring home multiple championships in the near future so this lifelong Broncos fan is ecstatic. Go Broncos!

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