Coloring books were all the rage when you were five, but they aren't just for the kiddos anymore. We're now using this childhood pastime for its therapeutic benefits, as CNN reported, 'Adults need a break from screen time -- and many are rediscovering the analog pleasures of coloring inside the lines.'

Whenever someone says 'adult coloring book' to me, I won't lie, something dirty comes to mind. I guess it's healthier than drinking. What's next, Lite Brite therapy? Actually... sign me up.

Now, thanks to a clever Etsy-er named Megan, I can color my stress away with the face of my favorite rock star/ leather jacket-wearing man. I have been creepily in love with Julian Casablancas for years; from young Strokes frontman, to the era of the 11th Dimension and now The Voidz. I think this questionably stalker-y (yet very well done) coloring book may help me express that obsessive fan dedication even more.


You can get your hands on a leather-bound Julian Casablancas coloring book on BarelyLegalDesigns' Etsy page for the low low price of about what you'd pay for some 2010 Casablancas-style hair feathers ($6).

The only thing it's missing? Finger-less gloves. But, hey, take it or leave it.

Thanks, girl. Rock on.