Meet Denver's Viretta. They're 2/3 identical twins who make Asian cuisine and music, and started this thing called #ReadyForRock because they were bored. Really. 

Courtesy Talia Lezama Photography

OK, there is a little more to it than that (but, I've been around Robert Moroni just long enough to know he can't sit still). He hand his brother, Michael, and Viretta drummer Jon Cales, had an itch to get the Colorado music scene working together, and bridge the gap between existing bands and those who are just emerging. So, they decided to launch Ready For Rock, or as they call it, the 'NOW That's What I Call Music' of Colorado.

'There is a lot of great music here in Colorado; there's a lot of great rock bands out there that some people just don't know... I'm surprised that this isn't a very common thing, of bands getting together and making the NOW of Colorado.'

Cales also hinted that he's working with his three nieces on a Kidz Bop version. We think he was joking, but he seemed pretty set on an In The Whale cover.

Ready for Rock compiles 12 songs from 12 bands, featuring Northern Colorado's Silver & Gold and Racing on the Sun, in addition to Medic, My Body Sings Electric,Viretta and more.

Ready for Rock will be available for download on a donation basis at on July 16. All proceeds benefit Youth on Record, a non-profit aiming to provide the funding to keep music in schools.

Thank you to Talia Lezama Photography.