It's a pre-game tradition that generates excitement and pride for CSU students, alumni, and for all Rams fans. The "Ram Walk" that goes down Meridian Avenue to Canvas Stadium features players, coaches, cheerleaders, the marching band, and all those associated with the program. This past Saturday, as the Rams were beginning a new season, the Ram Walk had significant meaning to the friends of Savannah McNealy.

This past October, McNealy and 26-year-old Tristian Kemp of Destin, Florida were shot and killed by Michael Zamora, who then turned the gun on himself. Savannah was an art student and, according to the Coloradoan, was an intern in CSU's Creative Services office. She was to graduate from CSU the following December.

Before the new stadium was open for business, McNealy was asked to help design the orange walkway that connects the CSU campus with Canvas Stadium. Lauren Kroll, a friend and classmate of Savannah's, told the Coloradoan that she (McNealy) was excited about the project and that something she created would be a part of a tradition at CSU. McNealy also helped to create the signs and banners that are on the light poles on campus.

It would be difficult for anyone to walk along Meridian Avenue and see the orange and green paint on the ground, and to see the banners and signs on the light poles on campus and not think about a young, talented, and proud CSU Ram. As Kroll told the Coloradoan, "It's a nice reminder of Savannah."

Source: Coloradoan

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