Fall is here, and forget pumpkin spice because 'tis the season for dogs in costumes, Fort Collins. Tour de Corgi has always been on my radar, because I have a giant corgi(?) myself.

But, there's a costume event for you pug people, too.The Halloween Pug Parade typically takes place the weekend before Halloween. The event hasn't 'officially' been launched on Facebook, while the organizers await the approval of the event's permits.

Lots of questions about the parade! A few answers:
- I am not posting the official event notice until we receive approval from the city. Stay tuned...
- It is too late to make changes to the permit application, so we cannot have vendors, music, DJs, etc. at this year’s event. If it grows again this year, we will revamp the event next year to be more of a festival with parade like Tour de Corgi.
- Volunteers aren’t needed per se, but it would be great if our regulars could help inform and direct the first-timers when we assemble at Oak Street Plaza.
- The Facebook Fundraiser to cover the cost of the permit will be posted once we get approval from the city. - Fort Collins Pug Play Group on Facebook

You can check back here as Halloween gets closer. The 4th annual Tour de Corgi is happening on Saturday, September 29 in Civic Center Park in Old Town Fort Collins. If you haven't been, even if you don't have a Corgi, make this the year you go see it. It's my favorite day of the year.

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