You can't call yourself a 'freeloader' until you've asked someone's hand in marriage in exchange for a free three-course meal (Complementary muffin basket included?). 


According to CNBC, this Valentine's Day, if you pop the question to your special someone at a Mimi's Cafe, you not only get your meal for free, but you'll also be entered for your chance to win $500 to put towards the engagement party, wedding, etc.

Just make sure you have an actual engagement ring; it's required.

You know, nothing screams 'romance' to me like having a guy get down on one knee in a knock-off French-ish chain restaurant next to a Target, but hey, to each their own. They do have a great bread basket.

via Mimi's Cafe,

Mimi's Cafe is located at 1450 Fall River Drive in Loveland, next to Target, as previously mentioned. They're open until 9 p.m. tonight so you have a couple hours to think about who you want to marry in exchange for a Jambalaya pasta dish.

You can read the official contest rules here.

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