There are dozens, if not scores, of food trucks in the Fort Collins area; have you seen this "School Bus" one?

They operate out of a cool school bus outfitted with a wood-fire oven, and they give back to the community. They're "Project Pizza." Their motto:

Great pizza with great ingredients for great people by great people. We make pizza to feed our souls today with hopes we can plant seeds for tomorrow.

They do not accept tips at the Project Pizza bus, they feel that tipping is not socially responsible. Any extra money that they are given, they put towards their community endeavor: Helping to create gardens at local schools in the Fort Collins area and other activities that educate the youth on how food is grown, processed, distributed, consumed, and managed as waste.

That's much more than just "a food truck in Fort Collins."

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The food truck officially got rolling in August of 2021. Chef Isiah Ruffin decided a change was needed. He needed to get away from the model of the "bottom line" being more important than culinary integrity, and away from the model of the employees' wages relying upon the guests' charity (tips.)  Being that the food truck also helps out kids, a school bus seemed like the logical choice.

Courtesy: Project Pizza

Project Pizza has a grant program where schools can apply for $500 to create learning gardens. The schools that are awarded the grants also get a pizza party from Project Pizza.

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I'm sure that I've not heard of any other food trucks in the area doing what Project Pizza does; I think it's fantastic.

Project Pizza can be found a local craft brewers, such as Timnath Beerwerks, Wiley Roots in Greeley and Stodgy Brewing in Fort Collins. Keep up on their stops and their story HERE.

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