The Colorado foster care system currently has 462 children who are waiting for an adoptive family. Project 1.27 is working to make these families happen.

The local non-profit, named after the Bible verse James 1:27, aims to connect children in foster care with Northern Colorado churches and Christian families so that no child has to wait for a foster or adoptive family.

While the process of fostering or adopting can seem daunting, the organization is there to support potential and current families every step of the way.

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"Project 1.27 is all about great families for kids in foster care and then supporting those families and kids," said Shelly Radic, President of Project 1.27, in our "Tuned In to NoCo" interview. "We work to recruit great foster and adoptive families for kids who need to be adopted, train those families well, and then...provide layers of support around them so they can be successful."

This support begins with an Info Night, which informs guests about what it means to be a foster or adoptive parent. Once committed, families receive training and encouraging guidance from their Case Manager.

Liz Brodzinski, the Northern Colorado Relationships and Support Manager for Project 1.27, first discovered the organization through an Info Night. Now, she not only works for the non-profit, but she is also an adoptive parent.

"We ended up going to a Project 1.27 Info night and just knew this is the way we needed to go right now," said Brodzinski. "Our family walked down that path and had two kiddos come stay with us, and we ended up adopting those two kiddos into our forever family."

Find more information about fostering and adopting through Project 1.27 here. Those who are unable to foster or adopt but still wish to provide support can learn more here or email

Learn more about Project 1.27 by listening to the full "Tuned In to NoCo" interview with Shelly Radic and Liz Brodzinski below.

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