The fundraising website Kickstarter has been used to fund many campaigns over the years, and now a Fort Collins business is hopeful it will keep them open in the future.

The Little Bird Bakeshop, which is located in Old Town Square in Fort Collins, has started a campaign in hopes that they can raise $25,000 by March 1st. If the goal is reached, it will allow them to stay in business and keep serving the city.

2016 was the sixth year in business for the popular bakery downtown, but 2015 is the catalyst for the call for help over Kickstarter. According to the description of their project, the store "endured significant financial hardship and customer losses during it's renovation in the summer of 2015 and the following 12 months".

They continue to say that they think with a little help, they can make it through the latest hiccup and that they can continue the growth that they were on leading up to 2015.

If they don't reach their fundraising goal by March 1st, the possibility of closing their doors forever could become more of a reality.

The way the Kickstarter campaign works for the Little Bird Bakeshop is that each donor will get a reward for the amount of dollars they donate. Options include:

HUMMINGBIRD (Pledge $10 or more):

Anyone that donates this amount will get a bag of their homemade pecan sandies

SPARROW (Pledge $25 or more):

Anyone that donates this amount will get a batch of their homemade hot cocoa mix and vanilla marshmallows

ROBIN (Pledge $100 or more):

If you donate this amount, they will share their Little Bird scone recipe with you and they'll give you a batch of the mix for their cranberry orange scones.

PENGUIN (Pledge $250 or more):

With this amount, donors will get a behind the scenes tour of the Little Bird kitchen, get a tasty beverage, and will take home a treat.

Again, if you'd like to make a difference and help keep this treasure in old town Fort Collins, you must make your donation to their Kickstarter campaign by March 1st.


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