The most popular tattoos in Colorado and across the U.S. have been revealed.

Using search data from Google, Singulart, an online art gallery, has composed a list of the most popular tattoos in each state of America.

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Picking A Tattoo That Fits You

One of the most difficult aspects of getting inked is deciding what to get. Some people choose to be spontaneous and will pick something that looks cool at the moment, while others seek a deeper meaning for the art that will be permanently showcased on their bodies.

If you decide to ink on words and phrases, always remember to do a spell check! There is nothing more embarrassing than having something misspelled forever on your body.

Also, really small cursive words may be cute, but they tend to expand and will become difficult to read as time passes.

Butterflies Reign Supreme

Surprising and cheesy as it may sound, butterfly tattoos are actually the most-searched-for tattoo in America. Even in the UK, butterfly tattoos are apparently at the top of most people's lists.

If you think Coloradans are above getting a butterfly tattoo then think again because butterfly tattoos are also the most-searched-for tattoo in the Centennial State as well.

"From Ariana Grande’s subtle butterfly to Harry Style’s infamous chest piece, the number of butterfly tattoos amongst celebrities could be one reason for such a high demand for this style!" the release stated.

Top Tattoos in the United States + Colorado

These are the 12 most popular tattoos in America based on Google searches:

  1. Butterfly Tattoo - 201,000
  2. Rose Tattoo - 165,000
  3. Dragon Tattoo - 110,000
  4. Flower Tattoo - 110,000
  5. Snake Tattoo - 90,500
  6. Traditional Tattoo - 90,500
  7. Lion Tattoo - 74,000
  8. Matching Tattoo - 74,000
  9. Skull Tattoo - 74,000
  10. Tribal Tattoo - 74,000
  11. Minimalist Tattoo - 60,500
  12. Moon Tattoo - 60,500

Keep scrolling to see the 15 most popular tattoo searches in Colorado.

16 of the Most Popular Tattoos in Colorado

These are the tattoos that Coloradans search for the most:

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