But will all the jokes we've made about these ugly rubbery clogs live on? The Niwot-based shoe company, Crocs, may have met its demise. Excuse us while we shed some Croc-odile tears.

Scott Olson/Getty Images
Scott Olson/Getty Images

According to the fashion and lifestyle publication NYLON, which refers to the shoes as an 'eye sore,' the Crocs company has become entangled in a legal battle.

NYLON reports that 'a different company [U.S.A. Dawgs] applied for a similar design patent a year prior. Reason as to why more than one company wants to claim the style is still to be determined.'

Oh, NYLON, we see what you did there. ;)

So, basically, U.S.A. Dawgs is like a Crocs-esque knock-off brand based out of Nevada. Last fall, some things got heated between the two clog companies that couldn't play nice. Now, the fashion police are getting involved.


The Daily Camera in Boulder reports that U.S.A. Dawgs filed a lawsuit against Crocs which claims that a Crocs employee 'accessed a private account and convinced Zulily to remove products from a planned sale of Dawgs' footwear, costing tens of thousands of dollars and violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.' [Source]

Now, not only is Crocs getting sued for this shady allegation, but the New York Post says that Crocs was already planning on closing 160 Crocs retail stores.

Wait -- there are that many stores that just sell Crocs? I'm going to side with NYLON on this one and beg the question -- Why do we care so much about these ugly shoes?

Be as it may, your slip-on spaghetti strainer shoes may become even more of a novelty if this clog company goes down the drain! Or, maybe Crocs will survive the turmoil. Guess we will see.

UPDATE: Earlier, we failed to report that Crocs has said these are 'frivolous claims' from U.S.A. Dawgs. Read more from the Daily Camera, Refinery29 and the New York Post.

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