If you're headed or are heading to Denver International Airport (DIA) anytime today to catch a flight, you should plan for delays.

According to a travel alert posted on Denver International Airport's website, the trains that transport passengers to their designated gates at DIA are running at a reduced capacity on Friday (Aug. 20) following an incident that occurred early Friday morning.

As emergency repairs take place, the trains are currently running at a reduced rate; as a result, those who will be catching flights at DIA this morning should anticipate up to one hour delays in their journey from the terminal to the concourses.

The alert noted that all passengers flying out of an 'A' Gate are encouraged to use the A-Bridge Security Checkpoint at this time; travelers can walk across the bridge and directly to their gate, according to officials.

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In addition, TSA encourages all DIA travelers to consider checking their luggage with their airline. By reducing the number of carry-on bags and personal items that need to be screened through the security checkpoint, travelers will be able to get through security and to their gate in a more efficient manner, and in less time.

"Our partners who oversee the train to the gates, Alstom, are working diligently to complete the repairs, which are anticipated to be complete by mid-morning", according to the Friday morning alert posted on DIA's website. 

As per reports, a breaker trip caused four train cars filled with approximately 200 people to lose power at around 12:30 a.m. Friday (Aug. 20).

9News said that passengers on the train car were stuck for about four minutes; fortunately, none of passengers reported any injuries. As emergency crews responded to assist, the passengers on the train pulled the train’s emergency handles and began to exit the train into the train tunnels.

The trains were reportedly down for about one hour while emergency personnel escorted the passengers through the walkways, then swept the tunnels to ensure no one had been left behind.

The incident reportedly caused damage to around 100 feet of the rail.

To stay up to date with the latest information regarding delays at Denver International Airport, visit flydenver.com

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