Rise Against bassist Joe Principe loves pizza more than you. Despite your feelings on the world’s best food, Principe is so into pizza, he’s got a ‘Mom’ style tattoo with ‘Pizza’ in the middle of a heart.

This clip was shot on-site at the 2018 Inkcarceration Festival, which was held at the Ohio State Reformatory. The Mansfield, Ohio prison is most famous as the shooting location for The Shawshank Redemption.

Punk rock many not always pay the bills, but for Joe Principe, it’s paid for two sleeves of ink plus more. The bassist took us on a tour of his tattoos, including the first one he got at age 16. “I got the first thing I saw on the wall, which was Woody Woodpecker,” he remembers. Feeling intimidated by the tattoo artist, Principe got the ill-advised tattoo, which is now covered up.

Principe also spoke about some of the fan ink he’s seen over the years. The most overwhelming art was from Wisconsin, where a fan got a portrait of each Rise Against member. Joe Principe and drummer Brandon Barnes reside on one arm, while frontman Tim McIlrath and guitarist Zach Blair’s portraits are on the other arm.

Check out Joe’s Principe’s tattoos in the exclusive clip above and get ready for the 2019 Inkcarceration Festival on July 12-14. Tickets go on sale soon and the 2019 lineup will be revealed this month.

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