Four people trashed a pizza shop last week over none other than a wrongly-cheesed order of garlic knots.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Jessica Conti, 25, was pretty upset when she received her order of garlic knots with cheese at Palm Coast Pizza in Florida. She was given a refund, but felt "disrespected" by the way the money was handed back to her, according to the Dayton Beach News-Journal.

Shortly thereafter, 3 of Ms. Conti's friends stepped inside the shop and began trashing the business - pushing the fax machine and cash register to the ground and causing havoc in the food prep area, food and pizza boxes flying across the room.

The friends are identified as Vincent Conti, 23, Shawn Cody, 32, and Hareem Jones, 26.

From left: Hareem Jones, 26; Shawn Cody, 32; Jessica Conti, 25; Vincent Conti, 23. Courtesy of Flagler County Sheriff's Department

The group left before deputies arrived, however they were arrested soon after at Jessica Conti's home. They were each charged with burglary and criminal mischief. Jones was also charged with marijuana possession.

The Dayton Beach News-Journal says they were released from jail Sunday afternoon.

Damage to the pizza shop is estimated by authorities to be around $1,000.