In a burgeoning micro-industry built on covers of Toto’s “Africa,” the latest version might finally prove to be the one that jumps the shark.

Rapper Pitbull's take, called “Ocean to Ocean,” is featured on the soundtrack for the new superhero movie Aquaman. However, a large number of people are arguing that it shouldn’t be.

YouTube comments include, “I’m so sorry Toto,” “Well, here it is, the worst thing in music,” “Is there a way this song could finally put Pitbull away for war crimes?” and “I mean really, you knew this was bad when making it.”

“Ocean to Ocean” opens with Pitbull – who bills himself Mr. Worldwide – boasting, “They tried to get rid of me, but ocean to ocean, they’re gonna have to deal with me.” That's apparently not going to happen, however, without a fight.

You can, but you’d probably better not, listen to it below:

A chain of replies on Twitter, after announced the track, is mainly negative, as well. A few responses noted that it proves how bad 2018 has been, while others brand it a “hate crime” and “blasphemy.”

The negative response has been notable. For instance, when a YouTuber deliberately sabotaged “Africa” by tweaking it so that the vocals were slightly off key and out of time, it received 1,800 thumbs-down responses. Pitbull’s effort received 2,000 thumbs-down votes – in its first 24 hours.

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