Yesssss, Night Riots came back to Fort Collins and, while they brought a massive blizzard with them, we're really glad it happened.

But for real, I just like, basically risked my life to get to work this morning and get these photos up.

We'd like to thank the Downtown Artery for hosting such an awesome show right here in town, and Northern Colorado's own Silver & Gold for being there, too (they made the 'John Mayer bird face' for us on stage and it was everything we wanted it to be).

If you were there, you may have chatted with me, and The X's digital editor, Madi. Or, you saw us dancing and were like, 'Ehhh, never mind.' That happens.

We took some photos so if you missed the show, turn on 'Back to Your Love' while you look at these, and pretend you were there. If you were there, here's a recap (because you're probably snowed in today. Crap, I'm probably snowed into the studio. I've got my Snuggie, but can someone bring me food? 600 Main Street, Windsor, please and thanks.).

Anyway. Pictures.