Peyton Manning is and has been a legend in Broncos Country for a long time and will continue to be a legend even though he's about to be replaced. By an intern.

Crazy, but true. I could on and on about what's going on, but I think the best way to tell you what the heck is going on is by simply showing you the video that the Broncos released yesterday honoring "The Sheriff" Peyton Manning and his replacement.

Pretty clever, right?  Last year's video won an award, and if this year's doesn't take one home, I'll be surprised and quite honestly disappointed because this was brilliant.

In case you forgot what last year's video was all about, here's a fun little reminder.

YouTube/Denver Broncos

To announce the 2022 schedule, the Broncos had some fun on social media with Russell Wilson, Peyton Manning, Nathaniel Hackett, and a cameo from John Elway paying tribute to last year's schedule announcement that featured Peyton Manning as an intern.

Clever, funny, and entertaining.

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We all know that the Peyton Manning trade certainly wasn't anywhere near one of the worst trades in Denver sports history in fact one could argue that it was the greatest and we're pretty sure this Russell Wilson trade is going to work out pretty well for Broncos Country as well which we can say has always been the case for the Broncos, and other Denver sports teams as well.

Worst Trades in Colorado Sports History

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