Pete Wentz has thanked Kim Kardashian for the memories.

It's hard to believe it's been 14 years since the musician locked lips with the now-super famous reality TV mogul and socialite in Fall Out Boy's 2007 "Thnks fr th Mmrs" video. But it has. And when reminiscing about the kiss on his new Apple Music show, Loud and Sad Radio, the Fall Out Boy bassist showed appreciation for the Kardashian sister while marveling at how, at the time, the band were as famous as her.

"I remember we had Kim Kardashian in the video for this song," Wentz reflected.

The Fall Out Boy then said he thinks it's "so interesting when you look back on that moment and you're like, ​'This is the last moment Fall Out Boy interacted in public with Kim Kardashian where we had the same amount of fame as her.' It's funny when you look back at this stuff. Thanks for the memories, Kim." [via NME]

It certainly is wild to think about the juncture in modern pop culture when Kim Kardashian could kowtow to Fall Out Boy, or at least accept a bit part in the band's music video. But, hey, there was also a time when someone passing Wentz on the street might miss that Bruno Mars was standing right there.

Wentz has described his Apple Music show as existing "somewhere in the realm of the TV show Curb Your Enthusiasm meets the movie Drive. … It doesn't have to be loud and it doesn't have to be sad, but there's some things that just have that vibe."

He continued, "To me, loud and sad doesn't necessarily mean that it's got to be loud, actually sonically loud. Loud and sad is a vibe to me. The Weeknd's … mixtapes he did, those Trilogy mixtapes, those are super loud and sad to me. And I don't actually think that there are probably that sonically loud, whatever. But I think it's more of a vibe to me."

Listen to the first episode of Loud and Sad Radio here.

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