Palisade peach season is finally here, which means a plethora of peach-flavored recipes.  It also means the classic debate is back-- skin on your peaches, or no skin?

However you eat the fruit, we know a big percentage of Northern Coloradans are excited to get their hands on a box now that fruit stands are popping up on every street corner.

With this in mind, a video surfaced on the internet of a clever individual-- Twitter user Okada-- finding the perfect way to peel their peach (with no skin left behind), and the tweet went viral almost overnight.  You can see it here:

This tweet has been shared over 52,000 times and liked over 72,000 times.

While I was looking at this in awe, one of our staff members revealed that this is actually called 'blanching'.  To get the effect seen above, you can try several different ways.  Shelby Taylor-Thorn, our digital contributor, says to "freeze the peach, then run it under hot water.  The skin will fall right off."

On the other hand, Okada told Buzzfeed he did it by "putting peaches in hot water for 20 seconds and then in cold water for five minutes before peeling them" (Source).

However you decide to try it, the fact still remains that skinning your peaches is a personal choice-- and as you can see below, not everyone likes to do it.

Do you leave the skin on your peaches?

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