No, those aren't skis in that box — it's 99 cans of beer in a box, 99 cans of beer. You take one out, pass it around, 98 cans of beer in a box.

Pabst Blue Ribbon, love it or hate it, is giving beer-drinkers a limited-time offer of 99-packs for the holidays, which is like a 12-pack times 8.25.

This isn't available everywhere; only 15 states. Fortunately for PBR drinkers, they are available in Colorado. That said, Fox News has reported they're selling out quickly. Where do you find one? That's hard to say, but Everybody Craves shared the following:

'You can also use this PBR finder on the company’s website to help locate Pabst Blue Ribbon dealer nearest you. Then to locate the 99 PBR pack, your best bet at this time is to call around to those locations given, as the cases sell out fast. A Minnesota store had them and they sold out in less than 24 hours!

Insider says the price is left up to the retailer, but the 99-pack is valued at $175.

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