Alice Cooper’s new supergroup the Hollywood Vampires already contains some serious star power, with Joe Perry of Aerosmith and actor Johnny Depp calling themselves members. According to Rolling Stone, the group now has another music legend joining the party, as Paul McCartney will be featured on the group’s upcoming album.

Perry reports that McCartney has recorded a new version of “Come and Get It” with the group, a song he original wrote and produced in the ‘60s for Badfinger. The Aerosmith guitarist told the outlet a story McCartney relayed to him about the track, "I was joking with him and said, 'You probably wrote this in 20 minutes, and he said, 'Actually, I was in bed sleeping and I knew they needed a song for this band we signed, and I went downstairs and played it on the piano and then went to Abbey Road an hour before the rest of the [Beatles], played all the instruments, made the demo and gave [Badfinger (then called the Iveys)] the song.'"

Cooper was inspired to give the Hollywood Vampires their name because of an informal drinking boys-club he belonged to in the ‘70s, with drinking pals including John Lennon, Keith Moon and Elton John. While this version of the Vampires is focused more on music, Perry stated drinking and drugs play a role, albeit a more somber role for the group, “The record is dedicated to all the friends we've lost to drugs and alcohol over the years and getting people to come in and cover the songs their friends wrote."

Hollywood Vampires have promised an album and a set of tour dates. Right now they only have one live show listed, it’s a performance at the year’s Rock in Rio at the end of September.

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