Colorado's weather this weekend was the epitome of bipolar. Over the span of just 34 short miles, there was a variation of 82 degrees when it came to the temperature.

On Saturday morning, the city of Boulder clocked a temperature of 50 degrees. Head 34 miles to the west to the town of Granby, a bone-chilling 32 degrees below zero was occurring at the same time.

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That's a pretty intense temperature swing for a short distance. Especially at the time that this was posted on Facebook... Saturday at 5:30 a.m.

How Did the Large Temperature Difference Occur?

According to the US National Weather Service of Denver/Boulder Colorado, It all has to do with microclimates. Some of the weather stations surrounding read warmer temperatures than the others are due to being on a mesa that sits approximately 300 feet higher than some of the others.  Two of these weather stations are located near the bottom of a valley near streams and creeks. The cold air sunk into the lower elevations, bringing frigid temperatures to those weather stations.

The same instance can also account for warmer weather in Boulder at the specific weather station.

My wife and I experienced quite the temperature difference this weekend as well. We left our home in Johnstown at around 11:30 a.m. with it only being 20 degrees. By the time we were on the north side of the Denver Metro area, we were experiencing a comfortable 51 degrees.

Colorado, we love you. But one thing is for certain, sometimes your weather can be a little crazy.

Source: US National Weather Service Denver/Boulder, Colorado Facebook

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