Panhandler's Pizza closed its doors on September 24, leaving the community mourning the loss of Fort Collins' oldest pizza joint. Now, less than two weeks later, Panhandler's has thrown us another twist. 

Dave Jensen/TSM
Dave Jensen/TSM


Earlier this year, we all worried about the future of Panhandler's Pizza, which has been open on W. Elizabeth Street for nearly 40 years, after it was announced that a new Campus West student housing development was going up.

'Pan Fans' were pretty upset, but Panhandler's originally assured the Fort Collins community that they would move to a new location, however later decided it was time to close -- for good.

That is, until this week, when it was announced that 'the Panhandler’s Pizza trademark, recipes and procedures' had been purchased by a former employee.

See the Facebook post below:

Keep your eyes out for the new location coming soon to Fort Collins.

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