John Elliot, who was known for banning neo-Nazis and Proud Boys from his punk bar, Streets of London Pub, has passed away from COVID-19.

9NEWS anchor and NEXT host, Kyle Clark, shared on Twitter that Elliot was battling cancer when he was infected with COVID-19 for a second time.

Colfax's Streets of London Pub, often referred to as Streets Denver, celebrated 20 years in 2018. However, over those two decades, the punk dive got a reputation for neo-Nazi clientele. When Elliot bought the bar a couple of years ago, he was ready to change that.

Elliot told Westword that the new policy was updated on Facebook as the following:

'Streets, as a bar and as a venue, welcomes EVERYBODY...everybody who isn't about hate, racism or bigotry, that is.

We f***ing hate racists, bigots, misogynists or apologists for that kind of sh**. Period. Bring that sh** here - get kicked out and 86ed. Start that sh** here - get kicked out and 86ed. Support that sh** here - get kicked out and 86ed.

So yeah, we're ABSOLUTELY intolerant. Intolerant of Proud Boy f***wits. Intolerant of racist sh**heads. Intolerant of bonehead douchebags. Intolerant of a**hole racist 'skins. Intolerant of misogynistic bulls**t.
Intolerant of anyone who makes excuses for that kind of f***ed up un-American shit. Streets isn't a home - or even a stopover - for ANY of that ignorant f***ery.

None of that sh** is's just f***ing lame and we don't want it here.

Don't like it? Too f***ing bad.'

On November 12, the bar shared on Facebook that Elliot had passed. There is a GoFundMe for his family here.


Our hearts are utterly crushed to tell you all that Jon passed away yesterday from health complications.

There truly...

Posted by Streets Denver on Thursday, November 12, 2020

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