The controversial offseason trade of Nolan Arenado, a widely-predicted losing record and consistently unreliable pitching are just a few of the reasons that Colorado Rockies fans are upset with the way the team is currently being run.

This has become so frustrating for one die-hard Rockies fan that he decided to launch a campaign to attempt to raise enough money to buy the Major League team from its current owners, the Monfort family.

On Opening Day of the 2021 season, Colorado resident Charlie Berger began a GoFundMe with the lofty goal of raising one billion dollars by May 1, in order to buy out the Rockies. According to 9News, Berger, who is the current owner of Denver Beer Company, explained he's tired of watching the front office make bad decisions and thinks the team could be run better as a whole. Besides that, Berger believes the fans deserve better.

If Berger falls short of reaching his goal through crowdfunding, he plans on donating whatever he does make to local nonprofits that specifically support those in the restaurant and hospitality industry who are in need in the community.

As of April 5, the campaign had raised $3,921, with a total of 85 donors.

Although the season just started, the Rockies currently have a losing record, sitting in 4th place in the NL West.

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