Marian Orr took the oath of office as Cheyenne's first female mayor during a ceremony at the Cheyenne Civic Center Tuesday night.

"I went into this race not really realizing that we had not had a female mayor in our 150 year history," said Orr. "Gender wasn't so much of an issue as it was to me being able to do the job."

"But bottom line is it is historic and I'm very humbled and very honored not only to be Cheyenne's next mayor, but be Cheyenne's first female mayor," Orr added.

Orr says her first priority will be working with city employees to move Cheyenne forward.

"It's about communication (and) bringing them all together," said Orr. "Whenever there's a new administration there's always fear as far as what kind of change is going to happen."

"I'm really going to be reaching out, meeting with them one-on-one and letting them know that jobs are not on the line and that we're about working together, we're about growing the city together," added Orr.

While she admits there will be challenges, Orr says she's committed to delivering on her campaign promises.

"I'm going to be announcing my Fight the Blight task force here this week," said Orr. "I'm going to be working on a plan for fixing our roads, our infrastructure (and) I've already been working with Chief Kozak as far as putting more police on the street."

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