Out of all the TV commercials playing right now, there are a few that annoy me the most.

Working in radio, I'm around commercials all the time. Hell, I've recorded and produced hundreds of commercials in the last few years myself for various stations in several cities (okay, New York City and Los Angeles were a technical issue on the company's end, but they still count). When I was first starting out, I had a coworker tell me that commercials are supposed to be entertaining. When they're entertaining, people will listen. And when people listen, a good chunk of them will hopefully, of course, buy the advertiser's product/service.

When commercials aren't entertaining, people tune out. That's just how it is.

TV has more of an advantage with how they can connect with viewers. Not only are copyrighters and directors able to convey a serious message, weekend sales deal, PSA, or brand awareness through words and tone of the actors' voice, but they're also able to deliver whatever message through imagery and the actors' expressions, body language, etc. Sometimes this can make for an extra depressing Sarah McLachlan pet shelter commercial, an uplifting home and auto insurance commercial about different life phases, and even those that are super freaking annoying and/or straight-up weird.

Remember: Commercials are supposed to be entertaining.

These 3 commercials have stood out to me lately for several different reasons, not only are they ente but there's one thing they have in common: they all struck an emotional response with me, which is what they're trying to achieve whether I like it or not. Overall, I think they're hella annoying - below I tell you what they are and why I can't stand them.

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    Taco Bell's Fondue Party

    I totally get that Alan the hipster is supposed to be annoying, but he seriously makes me cringe. There's not really a whole lot of explanation as to why I hate this commercial other than simply because I can't stand that guy. Also, why is Mike at the fondue party anyway if he's obviously not a hipster and wants to eat Taco Bell instead? And I thought hipsters were obsessed with Taco Bell...maybe that's just a Fort Collins college hipster thing? Alan has obviously never been to a Taco Bell house like the one on College & Prospect.

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    Trojan BareSkin Condoms feat. Lil Dicky

    There's a reason this guy isn't wearing Magnum condoms: not only is his rap name "Lil Dicky," but he's also annoying as f***.

    Pardon my language, but I can't stand this guy either. Every time I see these commercials I wonder how this guy even gets any action because he talks too fast and too quiet (I hate his voice, btw). Oh yea, he's a rapper...no seriously, this guy is a rapper. I didn't know this until about 30 seconds ago.

    It's also really annoying that the chick's like, "NO! RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!" Because I know (hope) that in real life, she'd be responsible enough to say, "You know what, I don't want to catch whatever the last chick gave you, so we're wearing a condom," or just not even sleep with a rapper named Lil Dicky. But this is Hollywood so of course she doesn't care. *smh* Oh, and then like a real gentleman he shames her for being so passionate that she messes up his desk. God forbid she inconveniences his life outside the bedroom!

    This commercial gets an "F" for "flipping stupid" because, while it's targeting men and telling them that they need to wear a condom, it's also telling men that it's okay to be sexist little d***s like Lil Dicky and Trojan.

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    Secret's Deodorant #StressTest

    This commercial is mostly painful for me to watch because I've been in Lucy's shoes.

    It's not clear what Lucy does for work, but as someone who has worked and studied in a male-dominant industry for the last 5+ years, I can tell you it's incredibly stressful. What's so painful about it all is that the way Lucy is freaking out is probably one reason she's not being paid what she deserves (I HAVE BEEN THERE).

    I realize need to be very careful with how I explain my distaste with this commercial, because the wage gap is a real thing, and it's also a very sensitive issue for most women.

    But I'll continue with some critiques for Lucy (and Secret).

    Lucy should not be asking for any favors. Is she owed a "favor" a.k.a. a raise? Yea, probably. I wouldn't doubt it. But older men in charge should not be asked for favors (as stupid as that sounds) - her wording will get her nowhere. In fact, it will damage her. She should also not be throwing her obviously-valued male coworker who got a promotion/raise under the bus because, depending on the industry, that guy could become her boss one day (or vice versa and he'll find out she resents him and will give her sh*t for it as her employee). Also, she's stressing out way too much. Yes, it's a stressful thing to get paid less than what you're worth and to see your coworkers (particularly males) getting promoted for *possibly* doing less than you, having less experience than you, or for basically just schmoozing with your boss. I'm telling you now, it's not fair and it's stupid, but that's how politics in the workplace function.

    Lucy, relax and don't look so visibly stressed. Trust me, I have done that many times and it's like bleeding in a pool with sharks. Don't show them you're bleeding or they will chew you up and spit you out. (I've been there.)

    Luckily I've had an older female mentor to coach me through difficult situations such as Lucy's. I've followed her advice and have made great strides, thigh I'm still not perfect and don't claim to be.

    I hate this commercial because Lucy is going about this asking-for-a-raise thing all wrong, and the commercial is basically telling women that this is how you ask for a raise. Or at the very least, it's playing up the stereotype that "this is how all women react" in the workplace. Freaking out, asking for favors, throwing obviously-valued coworkers under the bus. (If no one likes this guy, that would be a different story.) Believe me, it's not how you go about getting a raise.

    I wish I could tell you how to get a raise. But there are so many factors involved that there's not one game plan I could tell you that will work (and I'm not an expert by any means).

    Also Lucy, if you're having to call your boss "Mr. Kendall," he's probably a terrible manager anyway. What a buzz kill. And there's a company out there that would love to pay you what you're worth. It might take a while to find them, but you will. Keep fighting.