I normally would never advise anyone to read YouTube comments. It's something typically best left avoided. The lyric video for Jimmy Eat World's new Integrity Blues single, 'Sure and Certain,' is an exception, however.

Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

Integrity Blues, out October 21, is the first album release from Jimmy Eat World since 2013's Damages. Seemingly across the board, the response to the band's first radio single, 'Sure and Certain,' has been that the song has a pre-Futures feel to it.

Our station staff at 94.3 The X is included in that sentiment -- and admiringly, not critically so.

Last week, following the band's Late Show with Stephen Colbert appearance and TV debut of 'Sure and Certain,' drummer Zach Lind had a spare moment to call me from the rainy streets of New York City -- as you can hear in the interview audio -- and share some thoughts on fans' reception of their new material.

I'm imagining him holding a folded slice of pizza in one hand.

Jimmy Eat World will be at the Gothic Theater on Sunday, October 9.