94.3 The X and Concord Music have your chance to fly away to Dallas, Texas to see The Offspring. On top of that, the winner and their guest will get to do a meet and greet backstage hang with the band — so let's address the obvious: How different are post-COVID-19 meet and greets going to be?

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We've barely been around people we know for nearly the last year and a half, but as live shows resume, some artists will also be resuming fan meet and greets, where you get to brush shoulders with your favorite bands. If the idea of socializing and shaking hands with anyone, let alone a rock star, has your palms a little sweaty, you're not alone.

The Offspring - Let the Bad Times Roll

I spoke with The Offspring's Dexter Holland and Noodles about how their meet and greets would go, and while they said they were still unsure exactly what will transpire come time, they shared a story about meeting rock icon Slash from Guns N' Roses recently.

'I do fist bumps more than handshakes,' Holland said. 'I actually met Slash for the first time about three or four weeks ago, and we kind of fumbled the handshake, you know? I went in for the fist bump and he went for the handshake, and then we kind of switched and he looks at me and he goes, 'Yeah, I don't even know anymore.''

Rock stars: They're just like us. You can hear the full clip, below.

The Offspring also spoke with me about fine tuning the new record 'Let the Bad Times Roll,' which was close to done just before the pandemic hit. Like the rest of us, they say they're 'done creating' (insert baking sourdough bread or your quarantine hobby here), and are ready to just get back out there. Amen.

Want to fly away to see The Offspring in concert? Enter here for your chance to win.

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