Monday, December 11th is a great day for you if you've ever driven around numerous blocks over and over to park so you could go into your favorite shop in Old Town.  A new parking garage will now be available next to the firehouse between Walnut & Jefferson streets, opening up well over 300 new spots.  Rumor has it you won't have to go into debt to park there, either, which is the one thing I always love about parking in Old Town.  If it does cost anything, it's generally a buck or two.

Pueblo Viejo is one of my favorite places to go, and being a bit of a realist, I always go first for any street parking around Beau Jo's Pizza on either College or Laporte.  Second choice is the parking lot at the depot.  Third is outside that lot, fourth is the parking garage on Laurel, and fifth is go somewhere else - which I don't believe I've ever had to do.  Out of curiosity, do you have any "system" or strategy for nabbing a parking spot in downtown Fort Collins?  If it's stopping in the middle of College waiting for someone to back out, while cars pile up behind you, I'm not sure we can be friends; but you are bolder than I am.

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