An abandoned Pepsi plant in Colorado is becoming a plant plant — marijuana, duh — and one of the largest indoor grow houses in the state at that. It will be capable of producing over 70,000 pounds of weed a year. (So, uh... how many grams is that?)

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Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Aside from the massive building (104,000 square feet according to Business Insider), the grow house is benefiting from something else Pepsi left behind. NowThis Weed reported that the grow operation will use Pepsi's air filtration system which 'injects CO2 into the grow rooms.'

Business Insider also stated that Pueblo 'has struggled to recover from the steel-market crash of 1982.' Pueblo currently has an unemployment rate over 7 percent, and once completed this grow house could provide up to 160 job positions.

'The booming legal marijuana industry could save the area from further devastation.' -Business Insider.

The Pepsi factory has been vacant for the last decade, but is expected to be fully functioning as an indoor marijuana farm by 2019.

Check out what it will look like via NowThis Weed.

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